четвртак, 24. новембар 2011.

Asociative poem

Finally here is something really current , I mean that I finish just before I upload in the blog . I am really satisfied with result of this very odd job , and I guess that's the reason why I am so expedite . Associative verses is actually my Fraze , because the author Viktor Radonjic didn't have any other particular name for his strange hobby . However , I really likes his weird sentences and I don't know , where he takes out those un conjunctives terms . As you notice , my English is not so well so I won't even try to translate Victor's poems , but at least I can translate the name of the book , it's : Chewing of Amalgam " . Actually only one , that is composed from 20 verses elements ( every element has one picture , that is part of one very high illustration ) .

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