понедељак, 8. октобар 2012.

Rewinding Comic

This is a project that I made for Belgrade Comic Fest . The idea came after I made 20 illustrations for Victor Radonjic's poems , that can fit together to make one big illustration .
It's actually a paper band 7m long and 7cm thick. Drawings are done with mixture of graphite pens, air brush and white gouache. After that it is coiled on two sticks and put together in wooden box, with rewind buttons. As I like to say, this is a one picture comic (no vertical spaces between pictures) and you need to rewind it in order to read it. Hence the title "Premotavanje" - Rewinding. The story is about rewinding also, rewinding of the whole life through series of flash-back's.
This comic artifact is also adapted for "Stripoteka" comic magazine on four pages with five stripes each. I received Grand Prix at Belgrade comic salon 2012. for this, some would say, ready made or assemblage or installation. This video version is made to create the impression of watching real box and how it looks when you rotate the buttons.
The inserted music is : Nocturno Opus N°2 - Frederic Chopin

субота, 6. октобар 2012.

Summer day till noon

I made a cover page for new book of Nebojsa Romcevic . I must admit that I didn't have time to read it , but receive suggestion  from editor  . After I finish sketch , they said : sure go ahead . But they didn't accept my design solution ( the one you can see here ) . No worry's , their solution was very good too .

New jobs

I found myself  in empty period . There is no news from French editors so I use this time to do some little jobs . As matter of fact , I prefer this kind of arrangements more than long jobs such as comic albums for French editors . But working in comic business have some good sides , that makes me going back in comic world . Doing albums is for certain ( you know what , and how much you are going to work next one year ). With free lance it's not that simple . And as a comic author you can build some carer and be known as drawer with his own project and style  .

петак, 5. октобар 2012.

NIN magazine - Cover page

My professor from academy Jugoslav Vlahovic asked me if I want to do cover page for NIN magazine for main theme of this issue : "Serbia on the edge of disaster"  . And I said : Sure why not , I like disaster things.
After I finish it I realize it's a bit messy , and you can't see at a first sight what is all about . Well , I can tell you now : it's bunch of buildings that represent various institution in Serbia , that falls straight to hell .
Cute , and optimistic , isn't it ? Well , that's NIN - very optimistic magazine .