петак, 16. децембар 2011.

Exhibition poster

I know that mostly my posts are bit old , but this one is fresh new . Even more it's from future : it announce my big exhibition in French institute 15th of March 2012 . That's plenty of time for everyone that wants to come to bye something nice to wear :)
If someone doesn't know which building is French institute , you can see it on picture . Well nothing special to mention about this one : it's classical technique on paper I made it , in ordinary size 42cm - 58cm ( that's the size of most of my arts ). I hope we will see eachothers out there .

Coverpage for Kisha ( rain ) magazine

Hi there , I catch some time to do computer illustration , just to change a little because I am sick and tired of ordinary brush ....I need computer mouse a little .
Well it's Technotise thematic as refreshement too - just to remind people about my moovie one more time , after all this years . Well , two years to be more precise .

четвртак, 24. новембар 2011.

Asociative poem

Finally here is something really current , I mean that I finish just before I upload in the blog . I am really satisfied with result of this very odd job , and I guess that's the reason why I am so expedite . Associative verses is actually my Fraze , because the author Viktor Radonjic didn't have any other particular name for his strange hobby . However , I really likes his weird sentences and I don't know , where he takes out those un conjunctives terms . As you notice , my English is not so well so I won't even try to translate Victor's poems , but at least I can translate the name of the book , it's : Chewing of Amalgam " . Actually only one , that is composed from 20 verses elements ( every element has one picture , that is part of one very high illustration ) .

понедељак, 21. новембар 2011.

Corto Maltese - tributo

I receive , invitation for tribute Corto Maltese exhibition few days ago , so I decide to do something . Mostly , bigger problem is to think up something than to draw it . But here , there were exception : as soon as I wonder , what can I do , this bump up on my mind : Corto Mangeze ( Japanese version of popular character ) . Of course this idea takes so much space in my head that there were no much space for any other idea . So I did it . When I finish it I found it very funny and unexpected .

петак, 11. новембар 2011.

"St. George shoots the dragon" movie poster

Three years ago , producers of the movie " St. George shoots the dragon " ask me to do a movie poster . I was very happy with such opportunity , especially when one of my favorite artist is Drew Struzan famous because of his movie posters . So I wanted to do something similar .
Here you can see sketch and final work . Technique is same as I use for most of my works : combined aquarel , guash , air brush and pencils . Everything went good , I finish it on time , they payed me on time . But unfortunately it wasn't published on time . More precisely , it wasn't published at all . Sigh....

Working therapy

Here are three new computer art's . Well , not so new but OK...
Nothing special to mention about them . Just had a need
to do something abstract , and this is what pop out .
Drawing on paper with little photoshop manipulation .
After I finish it , I felt much better ... I guess my therapy show
good results .

петак, 9. септембар 2011.

Delta city commercial

Well , nothing special to tell about this one . Corporate job , for shopping mole . It's published in some magazines and help rich people get even more money . Houreyyyy ....

Ecological comic

OK people , now serious . We have to keep our environment clean . In order to spread this message I made this child comic , which is distributed throe basic schools in Serbia . If this doesn't help , I really don't know , what could help . If you don't understand , the plot is about two kids , fooling around , and then they realize that they have to collect electronic trash , because that's cool . I guess that genre of this comic is SF ... or maybe not ?

среда, 31. август 2011.

Luca de Poderosa design

There is that guy , known well between Belgrade show business folks , called Nesa Diesel . One day
he called me and ask if it's possible to paint his new motorbike , as it is old train wagon . It was so strange demand , that I had to say : Sure ! He brings tomorrow seven pieces of motor tin body , and I work that with acrylic paints for a few days . Unfortunately , I am not really satisfied how it looks on the end . He didn't listen me and use matte varnish , but shinny . Now , it doesn't look old .

Race After 1977 - I phone game

My friend Vladimir Ignjatovic , asks me one day , do I want to do some concepts for his I phone racing game . As I am a guy that want to try different stuff , I said : Sure , why not .
Honestly , I didn't work a lot ( other people are ) , but now , that game exist ... and it looks awesome . I wish them luck in further project's , and maybe we will work again .

петак, 26. август 2011.

SLAM IT PC pinball game

Hi there ! Here is one more cute little job . Nothing much to say : very nice professional young people , cool payment , playing real pinball in their office , drawing a little , coloring a little and lot of tripping and fooling around . Sorry for bad picture quality , but I take this from their site ...to be honest I don't have en idea where are my full res files : (

DRAMIN Playing Cards

Here is one cute job . As you can see playing cards with construction company thematic . I like to
do these kind of small jobs to refresh myself a bit after long work on comic pages . And now I can play cards , with my cards , although I newer play cards ....

Poster for Zagreb comic festival CRS 2010 .

Final version
Version with computer color and photo reference .
Black and white version , line art + tempera shading .
Sorry for posting this stuff now ( year latter ) . But that's because , my friend show me yesterday how to make my blog . Well , that's why you will see old works here : I want to show them , but with little delay .... Of course , there will be new stuff too , but mixed with those old things .

четвртак, 25. август 2011.

Edit and electrolobites

Unfortunately , this picture was newer published . It supposed to be cover page for Belgrade culture magazine "Singidunum" but it was abandoned . Than , I change the format , and put the text , and now it's "Edit and electrolobites".

Skrepbuk ( Scrap book )

Scrap book was perfect for me in period first half of 2010 . Period after premiere of movie ( and lot of stress connected with it ) , and before first book of Drakko . I wanted to do something relaxed and just for me . Somewhere in that process I started to like that book very much , and to pay attention on it's content . Than , I wasn't relaxed any more - I wanted to finish this book on a best possible way . Here , you can see some of pages . There are four pages on one picture . Actually it's little black Moleskin notebook .

Tasoshko kamenovanje

Prilikom letovanja 2011 . na Tasosu , desila mi se dosada a odma potom i kreativa . Evo da vidite kako je to izgledalo . Zapravo sam poneo i table za francuze da radim , ali kamenje mi je bilo interesantnije .
During my holliday 2011. I had lots of fun drawing on white , round stones . Here are some examples .

среда, 16. март 2011.

B log

On next three pictures you can see images attached for my BLIC blog . As you guessed , there were only three blogs . After that I realize that I need something else . Than I start working on my scrap book . It was infect what I was searching as my new project and my new therapy .