субота, 21. децембар 2013.

Strange comics

The fact that I didn't work on any new project for French editors , has it's good side . After a long time , I catch enough time to develop a whole new comic concept . A strange one . I always had interests in experimental  comics , and handcrafts , and this seams to be the perfect way to mix them up . Here you can see lots a ways to apply story on rocks , little bottles , wood , paper blocks , etc ...

четвртак, 4. јул 2013.

Fantasy RV ( recreation vehicle )

Interesting thing about this illustration is that everybody ask me : what this is for ? And I said : Well , just for fun , nothing special . That makes me think , how I didn't make something special for me for a very long time . There is always something other more important to do . And in a meanwhile , I forget what is my interest and thematic . But now , everything is clear : my thematic are turtles and dwarfs .

субота, 4. мај 2013.

Round Comic

This is one more comic concept . As you can see it's a round box filled with 21 round papers illustrated with story about Arhimed , and his last moments . Name of comic is of course : Don't touch my circles . After I finish those pictures , I connect them with white tread , so when you open the box you start to take pictures out the box together with cover . To be honest , comic is totally unpractical for reading , and I realize it , as soon as give it to first person to read. That's why I made one page comic of it - it's much more practical for reading . But if nothing more , at least I have nice object or artefact for my collection .

Happy Easter

субота, 20. април 2013.

Wooden comic

In order to keep on with searching for new possibilities , and themes , I made a short wooden comic about old Hijahinto , and wise Kut Humi . Its a hard cover packaging , with four pictures on two wooden plates . Technique is mixed media as usual . And there are cover page too of course . Sorry about Serbian letters , but story is not important really . It's about two of them quarreling about : doe's their philosophy should call Hijahintizm , or Kut Humizm ???