четвртак, 4. април 2013.

"Rise and fall of art" short trailer

From November of 2012. till February 2013. I was working on this short animated movie . It was a bit strange how it happened to me to make this movie . One night my friend Slavisa Savic comes at my place , and after a long chating  he asked me : You know how the art was invented ? And I said : How ? Than he started to speak ( of course , it was just joke ) , and I thought in my self , how this could be a great short animated movie . In next few months I was in some other projects , but just when the first brake was occurred I start to draw first drawings of future movie . Few of my friends jumped inside and helped me to finish it . But whole animation ( about 900 drawings ) was my part of the job . Fortunately , few months latter when we already finish the movie , we find out that we receive money for it from Erste Bank fond . I was really enjoying doing this movie . It was dynamic , I was with people fooling around and working in a same time . We had great time recording the voices too , and part of editing was my favorite because than you give your movie final touch and emotion . Problem with this movie was , that there were some people that didn't understand the end , so finally we decided to change credits on the end of movie , and show what happened . So now , everything is clear . I hope that next year in this time we will post whole movie on You Tube so everyone can see it .  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XTHCenlkwKA

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  1. Sto tek sledece godine? :(
    Juce sam pogledala Edit i ja. Svaka cast covece/ljudi. Ne znam kako nisam ranije pogledala film, fenomenalan je. Ne znam koju rec jos da upotrebim da opisem-savrseno, dala sam mu 10 na imdb-u! Svaka cast na ideji.