субота, 23. јун 2012.

Engraved comic

Few days ago , I was digging through my old stuff , and works from Academy . And I stumbled upon this . My graphic from 1997. when I was on 4th year of Academy of applied arts . My professor wasn't very happy that I am interested in comics , and she was disgust with my idea to make engraved comic . But when I explained her that I want to do ten copper plates instead one ( which was our assignment ) she said OK . Of course , every plate is another picture on this one page comics called "Metamorphoze" , and it's combination of few techniques : engraving , etching , aquatint , mezotint , drypoint . It takes some time to finish it , but main problem was printing . I had lot's of troubles to make just six prints , because it constantly happened that everything is good but one or two plates are not printed well , so the whole thing is bad . Finally , professor was very satisfied and finds it very cute , and I get 9 yeeee!

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